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SKAPS flow mat is a fabric with a double-sided chopped strand mat with needle-punched polypropylene non-woven as a core in the middle is a sandwich construction.

The purpose of a core in a composite laminate is to increase the laminate’s thickness by effectively ‘thickening’ it with a low-density core material. This can provide a dramatic increase in thickness for very little additional weight.

SKAPS has a new kind of flow mat with a Bi-Directional layer on top and chopped strand mat on the bottom and a polypropylene core in the middle. The bidirectional top layer provides enormous strength to the laminate.

FM 450/180/450FM 750/250/750MF 150/180/150
USA : SFM 300-180-300USA : SFM 300-250-300USA : SFM 450-180-450
USA : SFM 450-250-450USA : SFM 600-250-600USA : SFM 750-180-750
USA : SFM 750-250-750


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