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Pond application

Ponds are artificially created for fluid storage systems which are designed commonly using geosynthetic materials. Ponds can be of various types depending upon applications such as; Leachate Ponds, Brine Ponds, Wastewater Ponds, Containment Ponds, Gravity Ponds, Raw Water Storage Pond, Pregnant Solution Ponds, etc.

Why SKAPS Geonet and Geocomposite for Ponds

  • SKAPS geonet and geocomposite are great drainage options for low slopes and can also withstand high loads which makes an ideal system by providing drainage to migrating gases and liquids.
  • SKAPS geonet and geocomposite offer better protection to geomembrane and are the most cost-effective solution for drainage in pond applications.

Major Concerns of Pond Engineering and Construction

  • Groundwater drainage During the construction of ponds, underground running water, and water tables may be intercepted, which must be drained to eliminate the hydrostatic pressure and guarantee the stability of the structure.
  • Capture and drainage of gases SKAPS geonet and geocomposite provide better gas drainage solutions beneath ponds. Often the subsoil has entrapped gases that travel upwards and accumulate beneath the impermeable barrier such as geomembrane. These gases create uplift pressure on the impermeable barrier which can ultimately affect the integrity of the impermeable barrier and destabilize the pond systems.