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Woven Geotextiles

SKAPS SW315 woven geotextile fabrics are woven polypropylene materials offering optimum performance when used in stabilization applications. Produced from first-quality raw materials, they provide the perfect balance of strength and separation in styles capable of functioning exceptionally well in a wide range of performance requirements.

PropertyMethodEnglish (MARV2)Metric (MARV2)
Grab TensileASTM D 4632315 lbs.1.4 kN
Grab ElongationASTM D 463215%15%
Trapezoidal TearASTM D 4533120 lbs.0.533 kN
CBR Puncture ResistanceASTM D 62411000 lbs4.45 kN
Water Flow3ASTM D 44914 gpm/sf163 l/min/m2
Permittivity3ASTM D 44910.05 sec-10.05 sec-1
AOS3ASTM D 475140 U.S. Sieve0.425 mm
UV ResistanceASTM D 435570%/500 hrs.70%/500 hrs.
Roll Dimensions (W X L)Area Per Roll
12.5 x 360 ft.
17.5 x 258 ft.
500 sq. yards
3.81 m x 110 m
5.33 m x 79 m
420 sq. meters