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Hydrocast Armor Units are monolithic concrete structures that replace heavy rip rap and large precast concrete armor units, such as tetrapods. The rectangular fabric forms, when filled, assume a flattened cylindrical cross-section and range in size from roughly 180 pounds to in excess of 70 tons (80-64,000 kg) per unit. Available in custom sizes and shapes, the dimensions of the form control the concrete armor unit’s length, width, height, and weight.


Armor Units have the mass and stability for the construction of gravity seawalls and revetments, groins, levees, dikes, dams, check dams, and other civil and marine structures subject to attack by waves or rapidly flowing water.

Key Strengths

  • Since Hydrocast Armor Units are filled in place, they adapt to variations in the subgrade and are ideal for preventing or repairing scour at bridge piers and abutments.
  • Hydrocast installations do not require dewatering, a crucial advantage in emergency repair situations.