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SKAPS Linear-low Density geomembranes (LLDPE) retain much of the performance characteristics of High-Density geomembranes (HDPE), such as a high degree of chemical resistance, long service life, and ease of repair throughout their life cycle, and offer the benefit of superior flexibility, outstanding multiaxial elongation, and crease resistance. SKAPS manufactures LLDPE geomembranes that meet the GRI-GM17 specification in thicknesses ranging from 30 to 120 mils with various surface finishes to offer frictional properties custom tailored to meet site-specific conditions where needed.

Like SKAPS HDPE geomembranes, LLDPE geomembranes come in a wide array of colors, surface finishes, texturing, and roll widths.

SKAPS LLDPE Geomembranes can be used in:

  • Soil Remediation projects
  • Wastewater, solution ponds, Decorative ponds, and Storm Water Collections Ponds
  • Potable water reservoirs and Irrigation reservoirs
  • Vapor barriers, landfill caps, and mining heap leach pads

30-80 mil LLDPE Smooth Geomembranes – English Units30-80 mil LLDPE Smooth Geomembranes – Metric Units30-80 mil LLDPE Textured Geomembranes – English Units
30-80 mil LLDPE Textured Geomembranes – Metric Units