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Historically, German engineers have been very successful in using non-woven geotextiles as interlayer bond breakers between lean concrete bases and concrete pavement surfaces for the past 25 years. With proper selection and placement, these interlayers have resulted in an excellent performance in separating new concrete pavement layers from the cementitious bases commonplace.

SKAPS GE114 and GT116 non-woven geotextiles, due to their effective thickness, are commonly selected for the intended purpose of separation between two layers while their hydraulic properties help in adequate drainage function. Interlayer bond breaker fabrics are selected for numerous roadway rehabilitation projects due to their added structural capacity, durability, and low maintenance due to decreased deformations over time.

SKAPS’ selectable interlayer bond breaker fabrics provide separation, drainage, and bedding capabilities that have been proven to provide exceptional support to roadways across the United State of America. With its various fabric weights and thicknesses, interlayer bond breaker fabrics prevent joints or cracks from reoccurring on the newly paved surface. These separation fabrics allow infiltrated moistures and waters between the two independent layers of pavement to drain towards the edges of the constructed roadways. Meanwhile, the thick cushioning characteristic reduces concentrated bearing stresses on compressed areas of the pavement and distributes the tension on a wider area.

Potential benefits of using SKAPS nonwoven geotextile as interlayer include:

  • Lower cost for material and installation as compared to asphalt interlayer
  • Equivalent performance – at least for the separation of cementitious bases and new concrete pavements
  • Ease of installation – requiring a minimum of training and equipment
  • Rapid installation – with firsthand observations revealing installation rates exceeding that of paving
  • These benefits of using non-woven geotextile as a separation interlayer have generated great interest in the United States transportation industry in recent years.

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