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Over the years, public transportation has emerged as the best solution for traffic management and reducing carbon footprint in developed and developing nations. SKAPS Multiaxial Fabrics are ideally aligned to help responsible nations in such pursuit and are heavily used in the transportation and aerospace sectors for flexibility and ability to handle extreme pressures without undergoing wear and tear. Our high-quality multiaxial fabrics also make sure that the surface of the finished component remains smooth. We understand that the automotive and aerospace sectors are price-conscious and we will work together with our customers to reduce overall costs without compromising the quality and properties. At the same time, we also have the expertise and experience to deliver fabrics quickly and in precision with the highly competitive demands of the customer.

SKAPSMultiaxial Fabrics enable reinforcement glass fibers to be laid at angles between 20⁰ and 60⁰ (+/-45⁰ is most common). Further, these angled glass fibers can be added to the standard 0⁰/90⁰ construction in various combinations with a maximum of five layers. The individual layers are connected by stitching according to custom requirements. On special request, we can use hot melt yarn for stitching the selvedge of the tapes and woven roving.


  • Better tensile, flexural and compressive properties in the finished laminate
  • Improved strength and lower resin consumption
  • Flexibility to suit custom requirements
  • Fabric can be precisely draped to fit any end application
  • Fewer layers are needed in the finished laminate due to the thickness of the fabrics which increases component build speed