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SKAPS is a trusted partner for composite fabrics used in chemical tanks and various applications of pipes in desalination, cooling towers, sewage, chemical plants, refineries, and more. Our robust fabrics can also be used for pipe joints, tank joints, and making prepreg to carry out repairs on site. Exhibiting properties to offer enhanced resistance to corrosion as well as extreme temperatures, it delivers sustainability to the product. Our multiaxial fabrics are ideal for applications in oil & gas and transportation where frequent maintenance or periodical replacement is not feasible. You can rest assured that our multiaxial fabric solutions will provide you with quality materials!

SKAPS Multiaxial Fabrics enable reinforcement glass fibers to be laid at angles between 20⁰ and 60⁰ (+/- 45⁰ is most common). Further, these angled glass fibers can be added to the standard 0⁰/90⁰ construction in various combinations with a maximum of five layers. The individual layers are connected by stitching according to custom requirements. On special request, we can use hot melt yarn for stitching the selvedge of the tapes and woven roving.


  • Better tensile, flexural and compressive properties in the finished laminate
  • Improved strength and lower resin consumption
  • Flexibility to suit custom requirements
  • Can be precisely draped to fit any end application
  • Fewer layers are needed in the finished laminate due to the thickness of the fabrics which increases component build speed