Career @ SKAPS

SKAPS believes a balanced life is essential and strives to ensure that our employees across the globe work and live in this way. We promote the culture of working hard and smart but also to respect each employee’s life outside the work environment. A key part of the professional life at SKAPS is the Freedom to Work, Cross Domain Experience and Global Exposure. We ensure that our people get the right work environment to grow and achieve a satisfying career path. We also support our employees’ well-being through various employee benefits and employee engagement activities.

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Employee Testimonials

Donald Featherly, Director of Manufacturing

I have been employed with SKAPS Industries for over 12 years. It has been one of the most rewarding and enjoyable times in my long career of 40+ years in textiles. Experiencing a state of the art manufacturing technology in modern facilities has been both rewarding and enlightening for me. SKAPS has observed a fantastic growth over the years with planning, preparation and great teams of people which has turned the company into a world-class manufacturer that is recognized as a strong competitor globally. Working alongside employees that have long history with the company creates a familial environment and shows the dedication and commitment they have with SKAPS. Sometimes that commitment can interfere with personal life, which is why it is important to have a balance. And being at SKAPS I have always been able to have that Work life balance.

Tanmay Vyas, Procurement Incharge

It’s been a phenomenal 4 years at SKAPS with many milestones on the way. I joined as a Maintenance engineer & later was given the opportunity of Global sourcing in Engineering where my role evolved into sourcing innovative technologies, Project Management and Procurement. Handling Techno commercial responsibility helped me in personal development too. A culture of individual ownership allows immense scope of learning where one can develop their expertise. SKAPS gives its employees a paradigm that is rooted within its values and vision, but at the same time it gives them the opportunity to focus on their strengths and deliver results. The belief of Be One Be SKAPS encourages all employees to sail through and take the company to new heights. I like the way employees are valued and appreciated here. And I look forward to more challenges and leadership assignments in SKAPS.

Scott Mauney VP, Operations

At SKAPS one of our strengths is our diverse workforce that provides different ideas and ways to solve problems, we do not always agree but we do listen to each other and make the best decisions, because we speak face to face. We go to each other with our ideas and we sit down across from each other and talk.
The SKAPS story is like no other. We have a different type of company- we follow no one’s business model, we create our own. We are Lean. Sometimes we are Lean and Mean, but only in the right time and the right measure. We are hands on not hands off. We all work on the floor, not removed to a corporate office never seeing the plant floor. We believe in taking the message to the floor, but we are smart to hear the message from the floor as well. We are a challenge and a solution but most of all we are SKAPS

Amit Thakkar, Plant Manager

From being an Assistant Accountant to a Plant Manager, my journey of 14 years with SKAPS has been full of learning, opportunities and challenges. SKAPS is a large and a growing manufacturing company which gives opportunity to every employee for their growth. The culture of creating happiness in the work environment is unique to our company. There is a sense of oneness and everyone is driven by the motto of BE ONE, BE SKAPS. Management’s vision of quality and their involvement on the floor has made SKAPS one of the finest technical textile producers in the world. I feel proud to be working with SKAPS.